How to train your part

How to train your part

  Ever wondered about changing your hair part? Whether you've stuck with your natural flow or carved a "new normal" for your scalp, it's time to explore new possibilities. Our latest video guide takes you through the process of training your hair part, providing valuable insights and easy-to-follow steps.

  Find your natural part by towel-drying your damp hair and using a wide-toothed comb to discover where it falls naturally. Don't worry if it's not initially flattering – adjustments can be made. If you've been facing hair challenges like localized breakage, lack of volume, or unruly strands, it might be a sign to retrain your hair part. 

Invest in a quality comb, like a wide-tooth comb and a pin tail comb, to perfect your parting. “No-Mark” clips are also essential for maintaining your part line during styling. Embrace the blow dryer technique to direct each section away from your part line for a polished look. And don't forget your night routine – keep your part in place by securing it with braids, pin curls, or no-mark clips and a silk sleeping cap

 Training your part may take a bit of time and effort, but the results are worth it. Switch things up for inspiring new looks, healthier hair, and that fresh, brand-new feeling. Join us on this journey of transformation and self-expression!






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