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What’s your bride vibe?

Our guide to finding the best hair accessory based on your bride vibe,  whether you're going for boho beauty, vintage vibes, fairytale romance, understated elegance or modern bride.

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How To: Bridal Messy Updo

Trust me, there’s no better feeling than looking back at your wedding photos and still being in love with your hair! An elevated messy bun is such a great option...

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2022 Wedding Hair Trends

Experts and trendsetters are forecasting what the trendiest wedding hairstyles of 2022 will be so you can feel your best on your special day. Of course, some styles are so...

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My nighttime routine

The key product to add to your nighttime hair routine is a silk bonnet. When shopping around, make sure that the one you purchase is actually silk- on the inside...

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Restoring Curly Hair

 We always want what we don’t have right? So many of my curly haired clients spent years straightening their hair with heat tools, but now want to embrace their natural...

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