2022 Wedding Hair Trends

Experts and trendsetters are forecasting what the trendiest wedding hairstyles of 2022 will be so you can feel your best on your special day. Of course, some styles are so classic that we see them every wedding season, occasionally modernized to reflect the time. Now is a great time to start thinking about what look you’d love, so you have ample time to secure your accessories and dream stylist.  Below is a collection of our top picks of looks that we think you’ll look back on and love forever. 

  1. Sleek Hair 

Perfect for:

  • The classy and minimalist bride
  • A bride whose hair doesn’t like to hold curl  
  • A wedding dress that deserves all of the attention

We recommend a symmetrical middle part for this sleek look, a hair parting that suits many face shapes. This classy and less-fuss look is ideal for both the minimalist bride who’s chosen a very simple dress and the bride who will be wearing an extravagant dress and doesn’t want her hair to distract from it. The clean middle part is great for a hair down style, low bun, and low pony. 

  1. “Messy” Look

Perfect for:

  • A bohemian & romantic wedding 
  • Natural Hair
  • A bride who wants to look effortless

A messy style for your wedding gives the impression of ease and whimsy while still maintaining elegance. Loose pieces can be pulled intentionally to frame the face for a fresh take on the classic chignon. Megan Markle famously embraced a messy and elegant look for her royal wedding, and we’re loving all of the looks that have come from it. This style is amazing for naturally textured hair and works beautifully with accessories.

  1. Half Up Half Down 

Perfect for:

  • Headpiece accessories
  • Cornrows and braids
  • A bride who wants a long haired look without hair in her face 

A half up half down look is a timeless wedding hairstyle that can be extremely personalized to fit your unique look. This style allows you to have the best of both worlds -- a long haired look hopefully without tresses that get caught in your gloss. The look can easily be made to feel more bohemian with more messy styling or more polished for a sleeker style. The shape of the look allows for a headpiece or jewelry to take centre stage. We love this look with loose barrel curls, braids, natural curls, for both medium and long hair lengths. 

  1. Natural Texture

Perfect for:

  • Brides hoping to embrace their natural locks
  • Hair accessories 
  • Hair of any length  

The possibilities of styles you can achieve with your natural curly hair are pretty much endless, it all just depends on what would make you the happiest. For 2022, we’re loving defined curls pinned to the side with pearl hair accessories, hair braided then pinned half up half down with headpiece accessories, styled into a low bun or worn kinky/ coily and combed out to have maximum volume.

  1. Hair Accessories

Perfect for:

  • Expressing personal style + polishing the look
  • Keeping the style in place
  • Complimenting accessories and gown 

Your hair accessories finish the story of your wedding day look and are the perfect opportunity to really express yourself. Going into 2022, we are absolutely loving pearl detailing. Whether that be large pearled headbands or small single pearls delicately placed throughout the style.  Embellished bobby pins are not only gorgeous but also extremely practical for keeping styles like a half up half down in place. Finally, claw clamps in a square style over the traditional round shape is something we expect to keep seeing more of for the bridal party or the casual bride.

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