Assembling an A-team of bridesmaids

Assembling an A-team of bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids aren’t just there to accompany you down the aisle. They’re your support system, your closest advisors, your personal hype team and your sisters in arms on the front lines of your wedding day. Think of them as your bridal A-team – like The Avengers, but with better costumes.

We know you love all your friends and family members, and it can be difficult to decide who to include in the wedding party. When selecting your bridesmaids, you may want to consider what special abilities each of them bring that could potentially save your big day.

Here are some superpowers to look out when assembling your squad of bouquet-toting heroes.


The taskmaster

More punctual than a Swiss train, more organized than Marie Kondo, able to rally all your friends together with a single calendar invite – it’s the taskmaster, and she’s here to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch.

Whether she’s tallying bachelorette-related expenses, troubleshooting a mix-up with the vendor or herding guests to the next location, this is the bridesmaid who will remain calm, cool and collected in the face of whatever mishaps may come up during your wedding.

A natural leader, the taskmaster is a great candidate to be maid of honor. But whatever role she’s in, she’ll do whatever it takes to give you the special day you deserve – and do her best to make sure everyone else runs on schedule.


The mediator

Your mother-in-law may be a villain for the ages, but she’s nothing the mediator can’t handle.

Weddings can be emotional pressure cookers, so it helps to have a bridesmaid who can keep her cool even when tensions are running high.

With her preternatural people skills, the mediator can pacify even the prickliest of relatives and defuse any conflicts that may arise.

She’s happy when everyone is happy, so you can leave her to handle the drama while you focus on your vows.


The party starter

She’s the first one on the dance floor, and she’ll be the last one grooving as the DJ packs up.

This firecracker is here to make your wedding a bash to remember (and your bachelorette party a bender to forget).

Whether she’s making sure you get your fill of pre-marital debauchery or making a toast that leaves the room in stitches, the party starter will bring the fun to your wedding festivities – just make sure the rest of your guests can keep up.


The confidante

Of course, you’re close with all your bridesmaids. But when the rest of them are driving you nuts, you know the confidante will be there to commiserate.

This is the bridesmaid who may know you better than your spouse-to-be. She’s comforted you through breakups and championed your true love (even if she’s threatened your fiancé to make sure it stays that way).

You can count on her to lend an ear when you need to vent about your wedding stress and give you a reality check if need be.

She’ll be waiting at the altar to give you one last reassuring look before you say, “I do.” Like all your bridesmaids, she’s committed to making your wedding a celebration of love – not just for the happy couple, but for everyone else who cares about you.




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