CZ Swirl Set (5 pieces)

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    It’s time to make the whole place shimmer. Easy to apply with almost any style, these fairytale stunners look gorgeous with boho braids or a messy chignon, and even better in your Instagram stories They’re serving big fantasy energy, and will actually stay in place — unlike that flower crown you’ve been eyeing — so you can dance the night away with that free-spirit vibe.

    Why we love it…


    • Totally Versatile: A perfect match for almost any style
    • Fit For All: Easy to secure to hair of all kinds
    • All-Night Hold: A grip you can trust to last till bedtime



    • Cubic zirconia gems
    • Silver finish 
    • Sold in a set of 5
    • Gems measure 10mm
  • Product Type:

    Bridal Accessories