My nighttime routine

Posted on November 23 2020, By: Morgan Roy

My nighttime routine

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder (thanks Canada), which can make getting up in the morning nothing short of a challenge.

One of my favourite ways to set myself up for a good hair day is with some night time prepping to connect with myself and make things easier for myself the next morning.

Doing this will not only save you time, but also get you into a beautiful mindset that should trickle into the rest of your day. I don’t know about you, but having my hair look its best puts me in a great mood!

Start by pulling out your fave brush and gently detangling your hair. You can close your eyes and focus on the feeling of the bristles against your scalp for a massage while taking some deep, soothing breaths.

Next, grab and apply a dry shampoo which will work to prevent waking up the next day with excess oil on your scalp. Apply majority of your product along your part and near your temple, since these spots show oil build up really easily.

Once you’ve applied it to the spots you needed some wicking, run your brush along your hair again to distribute it all nice and evenly. 

Once you’re all brushed out, set your part with a comb and hold it in place with some no marking clips. Doing this before bed ensures that no matter what position you end up sleeping in, your  hair can stay relatively intact,  making styling the next morning a breeze.

If, like me, the hair at the back of your head has a tendency of flipping up, you can also use one of your clips behind your ear. 

The key product to add to your nighttime hair routine is a silk bonnet. When shopping around, make sure that the one you purchase is actually silk- on the inside and the outside.

My bonett can you can shop here is exactly what I look for in this product.  Silk creates a nice slip around your hair that keeps it from getting fuzzy or frizzy while you’re getting your beauty sleep.

I also recommend looking for one that is adjustable, so that you can secure it to your head to ensure it doesn’t fall off.

Be careful not to tie it too tight though, waking up with the band of the bonnet around your forehead is hardly ever cute! You’ll want to place your bonnet on your hair after you’ve secured it in place with your clips. 

Hopefully, adding this short and simple step to your nighttime routine saves you lots of time on styling the next morning, so you can do the other things you love and make yourself feel good. Gratitude journaling over a delicious breakfast anyone?


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