How to look good on a Web camera

How to look good on a Web camera

With more and more people working from home, Zoom has become the new office. Getting to roll out of bed in your PJ’s was fun for a minute wasn’t it?

But there’s a sense of normalcy that we could all use that could be achieved by getting ready for meetings the same way we once did for work. These are tips that I use before and during a meeting to make sure I look my best and feel the most confident. 

Setting Up Your Laptop + Space

Step 1 - Make sure to choose a spot with good lighting. Set up your camera in front of your window or light source, not behind it! If you don’t have natural light, avoid overhead lights and instead, place your light behind your computer. 

Step 2 - Be mindful of how close or far you are from the camera. Being too close can feel a little awkward (not to mention, everyone can see every line and pore on your face), and too far can feel disconnected. For the best framing, have below your bust and the top of your head visible, placed about an arms length away from the camera. 

Step 3 - Use a white sheet + a box or some books to create a cheap prop for your laptop. Place the sheet over top of the box or books with your computer overtop. To find the perfect framing we went over in the previous steps, tilt your laptop from the hinge from above the box/books to fill the frame correctly. The white sheet adds as an extra light bounce for your face! 

Step 4 - 

Looking Your Best 

IF you don’t have a ton of time to get ready for your webcam call, try these tips to look great in a crunch. 


My top wardrobe tips for webcam meetings are a turtle neck. They look flattering on pretty much everyone and are the perfect classy casual look. 


For makeup, I recommend a pop of colour on the lips to avoid looking washed out (trust me, I love a nude lip, but they just don’t read as well on camera!) Skin can also tend to look really oily on camera, so powder really is your best friend here! To take things to next level, add a darker coloured powder to counter and create depth and shape to your face. 


Webcams have a tendency to make heads look smaller, so styling your hair in a way that creates volume is going to work really well here. Since the camera is only going to see what you show it, you don’t even have to bother styling the back of your head if you don’t feel like it. If it’s been a while since your last colour and your roots are starting to show, you can always angle your camera a little bit lower to cut the roots right out of the frame! 

Other Tips

In terms of body placement, be mindful of the fact that looking too casual and relaxed may not be the most flattering. Instead, sit tall and proud, facing head on the camera, with your arms on the table in front of you to maintain shape. 

I hope that you use these tips and feel absolutely gorgeous on your next call happy Zooming! 


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